02 Feb '15

At Springboard, we go through the same struggle/process as you, beloved customers, when you are deciding what to put on the shelf, or on your list. Except for maybe the stakes are a bit higher. Considering a new supplier relationship is an expensive and time-consuming commitment. It’s a mini marriage of sorts, and nobody ever wants to say, “I do”, while thinking about divorce. You want to get it right.

Vaughn Duffy, owned and operated by husband and wife team Matt Duffy and Sara Vaughn (you know how we dig the family run thing), has a motto that we think represents one of the industry shifts over the last few years. “it takes a forklift to raise a wine”. They have brought their baby up, not with a pile of investment capital, but with plain old hard work and slow growth. They put in the long hours; persevered, with a whole lot of creativity, exceptional winemaking, and dedication to their vision. Plus, Matt and I go way back. Many, many moons ago, he was a wine buyer at a retail shop, which was one of Springboard’s first customers. Before he left that job to begin his winemaking education, he helped train his replacement. Years later, that young trainee became one of our best sales people, who, not so coincidentally (good sales people are hard to find), I ended up marrying earlier this year. Thanks Matt Duffy!

If you followed all that, you were probably really good at that Kevin Bacon game. Regardless, let’s just say that the world is small in this business. And we think it is way more fun when we work with people like Matt and Sara.

Welcome Vaughn Duffy to Springboard Wine Company, we can’t wait to take your stuff out and show it around!

Elizabeth Corsini, Owner
January 2015


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